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To have a portrait done I will need to have a photo of your pet or person.  I often get asked what type of photo. What makes the best to me is when you find a photo that tugs at your heart strings. The one that makes you smile. I can work from most photos & if I can't I will help you decide what is best. I try to offer affordable prices & that is why I've broken the payments into 3 depending on whats best for your situation. Portraits make that perfect gift whether it is a special occassion or in remembrance.


Prices Color Pencil Pet Portraits

A - 1 pet 8" x 10"  = $ 85.00   $25.00 deposit non-refundable,

Option 1: $35 inbetween - $25.00 Before shipped. 

    Option 2: $60.00 Before shipped.

**Let me know after deposit which option


B - 1 pet 9" x 12"  = $ 95.00   $35 deposit non-refundable,

Option 1: $25 inbetween $35 Before shipped.

Option 2: $70 Before shipped

** Let me know after deposit which option


Prices for Color Pencil People Portraits

C - 1 person "8 x 10"  = $125.00       $35.00 deposit non-refundable, 

Option 1: $40 inbetween - $ 50 Before shipped

Option 2: $90 Before shipped


D - 1 person  9" x 12"  = $135.00    $35.00 deposit non-refundable.

Option 1: $ 45 in between $ 55 Before shipped

Option 2: $100 Before shipped



For more then one pet or person please use the contact form below for quote.

For each painting has its own customized features        


If you have any questions please don't hesitate just send me a note by clicking the button below.

Thank you Deana Russell 


$25 deposit non refundable. I will send you a PayPal Invoice detailing size and what options you would like.

Send email below with details. Or any questions you might have. Thank you. I will get back to you as

soon as I can.

Happy New Year!





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