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Self taught artist from Calif. Started out with Tole Painting for about 12 yrs. Then found myself doing Medieval Romance fantasy in oils. That has always been a passion of mine. I found that i really loved doing portraits and learned soft pastels. I ended up taking time off for an injury leading to RSD-Fibromyalgia. Getting back into my art I found myself learning Color Pencil. I fell in love drawing and finding out how this medium is actually Fine Art. It took a lot of talented Artists to bring this medium to the fore front one line at a time. In general it has been my saving grace that I can pour my heart into every piece. It is a gift which I am very thankful for. It is just one of my loves, the other most important is the Lord who has guided my hand/life in every way.  Who has blessed me with my wonderful husband of 31 yrs , 2 wonderful children all grown up & a house full of pets. I hope as time goes on that I can share my journey with those who have a passion for art and for those who fight everyday with RSD, Fibromyalgia or both. Thank you for your patients on me learning how this website works. :)

There will be added content and updates on my blog. I hope to include how to's and step by step photos on each piece.

If you have any questions just click the button below. I will try to get back to you quickly. I do like to post as i go along with what i'm working on. . Thank you again and God Bless!



" The Lord gives us dreams,

dont be afraid to trust in Him

and let Him guide your way "

Works of Deana Russell are:
Published in CP Hidden Treasures l, Hidden Treasures 2,  Creative Minds Table Art Gallery Hard/Soft Cover Book, Color Pencil Magazine, The Cover of The Writers Post Journal Magazine,Los Angeles Art Expo, Holmes Art Gallery, Culture Art Center, Poems Published in: The Best Poems & Poets of 2001, 2002, Symphonies of Words, Member of Wild life Art, Published in Wild Life Art Magazine. Has donated works to different charities. Also has several pieces in private collections all over the world, ranging from Medieval Fantasy to Wild Life, Pet & People Portraits.

 All Artwork is Copyrighted by Deana Russell (c) 2015  Please ask for permission for any use personal or business. Will pursue further if caught. If interested in  Publishing please contact artist. by email:

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